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Peter Freaking Parker

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Daytime Shooting Star  - ひるなかの流星

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"We don’t have a choice. The World is cruel."

Get To Know Me: [4/5] Favorite Female Characters » Mikasa Ackerman

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"And thanks to the rain, we’re all alone.” - Drops, Andou Yuki

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Prompt: How Lily reacts to death of Marlene Mckinnon and how the marauders comfort her?

Wee my first prompt. Thank you, love.

It was that time of the evening between sunset and night, when only a sliver of purple separated the earth from the sky. Lily caught sight of the last trace of that day before it disappeared on the horizon and the stars started to bloom, and she sat down on the front porch stairs, pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her cheek against her leg. 

There was a letter clenched in her hand.

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Slytherin!Harry AU + Bonus Ravenclaw!Hermione

Hello All

So, I really want to make this blog a writing blog so I’d really like some prompts. I’m only confident in my knowledge of Harry Potter, specifically Jily/Marauders, so if you want to send me a prompt or anything feel free. I’ll probably do all of them, since I most likely won’t get that many. Anytime, really, if you’re interested. 

I’m working on it, thanks anon!






let us have a moment of silence for those who unknowingly dated and broke up with a future celebrity

my math teacher dated Ryan Gosling in highschool.

my neighbor dated bill nye the science guy

well my godmother dated david tennant when they were 16

my boyfriend dated me


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